Saturday, December 1, 2007

Sewing room

I have finally finish cleaning up the sewing room. Here is a shelf that holds a few of my favorite things.

A place to sit quietly and knit. The shelf next to the chair holds my knitting books.

A few more of my favorite things.

The yarn closet before I put the curtain up. I have more yarn stashed all over the house, but the is the bulk of it.

And my sewing machine. The one that I can now use because I can finally get to it. I probably should have taken before pictures just so you could see how bad it really was. Now that I am into cleaning I am going to tackle the computer room because it is where we put our tree and I want to get it up this weekend. But, first I am going to do a little knitting just to be able to use my new clean room. Happy, happy, happy!
Take care everyone and be nice to each other.

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