Friday, December 21, 2007

Christmas Tree

Here is a picture of the tree which is finally finished. It has only taken me since Monday to finish it. I have been too tired when I got home from work to do it. But, today we got off at 11:30 after we had first aid training and I do not have to be back to work until the 2nd. Yea! I really am looking forward to this break. I hope to get some sewing done, some major knitting done and some cleaning done. Should keep me busy until it is time to go back.

Speaking of work, there are some changes that will happen when we go back. The major one is that Tawana will no longer be in the same room with me. She was transfered to room 1, and one of the co-teachers from that room will be in our room. The reason being they do not want two strong (me and Tawana) teachers in one room and two teachers who can barely control the kids in another. So Anu (my other co-teacher) and I will get Laura in exchange for Tawana. I am actually upset about it because she is not much of a teacher. She is "tired" all the time, will sit with just one child and let the other teacher take care of the other 19 children and not do her share of the paper work. So, we will see how it goes. Oh yea, did I mention that this teacher is only 25 years old? Should be interesting.

Well, back to wrapping and watching Christmas movies. I think I am going to watch Scrooge tonight. The one with Albert Finney. It is my favorite version. Have a great evening everyone and be nice to each other.

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