Friday, December 28, 2007

Christmas Happenings

Here is Stephen when we attended the Moscow Ballet's "Nutcracker" We went to the Flint Center this year. I saw them one time before at Chabot and really liked them. This year they weren't as good. I think next year we will go watch Oakland Ballet"s "Nutcracker", when I saw them a few years ago they were great.
I had a quiet Christmas this year. My oldest DD and her family we not able to make it up here from Southern California so it was just us and my younger DD and her family. They didn't come over until around 4:00 so we really had a quiet day. It was nice, though, I was able to relax and enjoy myself.
I recieved the first ever yarn related gift from my youngest DD. She gave me this
and this
and I have been happily watching them and learning from them. Yesterday I was able to knit in the round with 5 needles using two different colors of yarn to make a pattern in a little hat I am making for afghans for Afghans - Campaign. It was great fun! I showed Stephen when he got home from work, but he didn't seem to be too impressed. Of course I need to RIP it because I but the design too close to the ribbing, but at least I was doing it. I am also going to finally make a Pi shawl. I have had the yarn and have wanted to make one for years, but could never make the beginning cast on. Now that I have seen Elizabeth make Emily Ocker's crocheted cast on I think I can do it. I just need to get all my supplies together.
I am off until the 2nd and have been busy getting caught up with cleaning and knitting. I want to sew a couple of aprons for my classroom. I want to turn the dramatic play area into a restaurant for the kids and the cooks will need aprons. I also have to make some menus and a sign for it. It is just a matter of getting started and then I will get it done. Maybe today.
I did a little shopping yesterday. I am always amazed at how uncrowded the stores are during the week. I usually don't get the chance to shop then because I am at work. It seemed funny to be there on a Thursday morning. I bought some things for the house a dirty clothes basket for Patrick and a chest for Stephen's games I also saw what I am going to get my youngest DD for her birthday, now I just need to go back and get it. I usually send flowers, but I think she will like this instead. I hope so at least.
That's about all. Take care and be nice to each other.

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