Sunday, December 30, 2007

My trip to the LYS

I went to my LYS to buy some short dpns to make socks with and came home with this. I couldn't resist! It is soft and cuddly and I wanted it, nothing was going to stop me. I bought it yesterday morning, so had the rest of the day to figure out what I was going to say to Stephen before he came home from work. What did I do, you ask? I started out by telling him about the cashmere they had there for around $40.00 for a 25 g skein, after I got done telling him about that this didn't seem so bad. Don't you just love the color? I am not sure what I am going to make with it yet, probably the stole that is on the Meg Swansen DVD. Or I will just keep petting it until there is nothing left. I got the dpns, by the way.

The NAS group I am with is having a sock/slipper challenge for February and I am trying to make some socks for it. I tried the heel last night and had to rip it out. I had it on 3 needles and am going to try 4 to see if it is any easier. I was tired and trying to watch "The Odd Couple" while I was doing it. Maybe I will have better luck this morning. I am determined to do it because I would like to be able to send socks up there besides the slippers I intend to make.

I don't know what happens to this blog when I post it. I have it all typed nice and neat with spaces between the paragraphs and such, but when I post it they disappear and it does whatever it wants. Maybe someday I will figure this thing out.

I only have 3 days left of my vacation. I am seriously thinking about transferring over to part day at work because they get their summers off. I guess I should explain what "part day" means. Right now I am in full day, which means we have the kids all day long. Some of them from 7 in the morning until 6 at night (which upsets me to no end, but that is a different subject). If I worked part day it is more like Kindergarten. There is a morning teacher and an afternoon teacher. They each have their own class of 20 with a TA to help. If I were the morning teacher I would have my class until around 12, then I would spend the rest of the day doing paperwork and helping out in the afternoon class. (There is a lot of paperwork when you work for Head Start. The government expects everything to be documented). There are no kids on Fridays, so that gives the teachers an extra day to get to all of that paperwork. In full day you are responsible for only around 6 or 7 kid's observations and assessments, in part day you have 20. But, every summer you get laid off and can collect unemployment and stay home and knit. So, I am thinking about going that route this next year. It's something to think about anyway.

I have been posting a lot of stuff to my Ravelry account. I posted some yarn and some needles yesterday. I just need to go back and take pictures of the yarn so I can post that. I have posted a few projects and even joined a group, although I haven't really done anything much with them yet. But, I am having fun and my favorite part is the library. I like the way the pictures of the books I post come up. Pretty cool stuff!

I guess that is about it. Need to do some cleaning and take a shower. We are talking about getting a female canary for my male one. I feel sorry for him. He looks so lonely. I just hope he doesn't stop singing when we get her. I love to listen to him in the morning.

Oh yea, we went to the movies last night. We saw "National Treasure". What did I think of it? I would suggest you wait until it comes out on DVD before you watch it and then think about it before you do that. It really wasn't all that great, infact some of it was pretty silly. They sure didn't have much trouble getting into the Queen's office, the President's office and kidnapping the President, and driving through London at break neck speeds crashing into everything and everyone. Then when it was over all was forgiven. Like I said it was pretty silly.

Take care everyone and be nice to each other.

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