Tuesday, February 5, 2008

WIPs and FOs

First the FOS:

This is a baby sweater I made this weekend. I haven't decided yet where it will go, but probably to the reservation. Once again the color didn't work out, it is bright red. Made with Red Heart Super Saver on size 8US needles.

These are some crocheted toddlers socks for the Heet the Feet challenge for the reservation. They are made out of Lion Brand baby yarn with a F hook. Only took a couple of hours to do, so I am hoping to make some more. They are baby blue.

This is a hat for the reservation. It was made on size 6US needles with the same baby yarn as the socks but I added some sock yarn to go with it. It came out very thick and warm.
Now for the WIPs:

Moving clockwise from the left; 1. A purple shawl that I am making for myself to keep warm. 2. A green Reader's Shawl, pattern from Annie's Attic. 3. Yarn that I will use to make some kid's slippers for the reservation. 4. A Homespun Prayer Shawl for Iris. At the top of the picture are the shoes worn by my oldest DD. Found them the other day. That "baby" is now 32 years old. Where did it all go?

There are more WIPs but these are the main ones I am working on. I have also started another sweater for the reservation, but will show that when I have a little more done. That's all for now, I have to get to work. Take care everyone and be nice to each other.

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