Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Some stuff waiting to be sent

Here are some FOs that I finished during the last couple of days. They will all be going up to the reservation for the Heet the Feet challenge.

First are some infant tube socks I made. Super easy and quick! They were made with a size 8US dp needles and RH yarn.

Second are a pair of crocheted socks. They are the same pattern of the toddler crocheted socks that were posted a few days ago. These were made with a G hook and RH yarn.

The next two pictures are crocheted slippers. Very simple and could be made almost any size you wanted. These were once again RH yarn and size G hook. The second pair had sock yarn knitted with it.

An infant hat made from some very vintage Dazzleaire (do they even make this anymore?) that came in a bag of yarn I bought at the Thrift Store. Made with size 6US circular needles.

And lastly, (Drum Roll Please!) my FIRST KNITTED SOCK EVER! I am so very proud of this sock. I told DH that I might have it framed and hang it where I can see it all the time. I actually turned a heel and did the Kitchener Stitch without too many problems. It is not the best sock in the world, when I look at it I can see where I didn't pick up stitches too well and the Kitchener Stitch needs some work, but all in all not too bad for a first sock. Now to make the second one and put them in the box to be mailed.

That's it for now, I have to go to work darn it. Take care and be nice to each other.

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Mariella said...

Love your crocheted socks! I still cannot get mine finished - distractions :)
And congrats for having knitted up your first sock! I think it looks great! See, it was not that hard :)