Sunday, January 27, 2008

Finally Pictures

This is the first finished project for 2008. It is a little hat that will be sent to a4A. It is made with KnitPick's Wool of the Andes and the pattern is from Morehouse Farms. You will be seeing a lot of this pattern because: a) I love making it, very easy, and extremely portable b) it is what I send to a4A c) I have a lot of this wool and want to use it up.

Last Saturday we went to San Francisco for the day and played tourist. Stephen, Jessica, Zoe, Shane and I took BART and walked our legs off. We took a Cable Car from China Town to the Wharf and had fun. This is a picture of Zoe at the beginning of China Town (Stephen is standing to the right and Shane is behind him). China Town is a great place to shop for jewerly. I got a pearl ring while I was there

Here we have another picture of Zoe sittning on a bench at the Wharf. She sure does look like her "friends" doesn't she?

This is near Pier 39. They have a lot of sea lions which hang out down there.

Sea Lions relaxing.

Just too tired to move.

And lastly, Zoe, Da and Shane behaving normally. Aren't they cute?

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