Thursday, November 15, 2007

It's been a long time!

I sure haven't been keeping up with this blog. I promised myself I would when I started it, but so much for self promises. I do have a few excuses, though. Work, school, PITC, Next FAIS and on and on and on. Sometimes I feel like I am meeting myself coming and going. Then, of course I have to find time to knit. I even go to work an hour early so I can sit in the car and get some knitting done. Is that strange or what?

So, anyway I am going to try to keep up and at least post once a month. I also want to add more pictures of what I am knitting/crocheting. I want to keep a record of what I have made and what I am doing with my time. I don't have any pictures right now, but hope to this weekend.

I have been busy with work. We are getting ready for our Review. This happens once every three years and is a big deal. It means whether or not we get to stay open. The government sends several people from all over the country to go over everything we do with a fine tooth comb. This will all happen on the 26th of this month, so until then we will be busting our butts to get ready. Fortunately, we do not have any kids tomorrow or next week so we should be ready. I sure will be glad when it is over.

Still plugging along with the Algebra. I HATE it though. I should be studying for a test on the 19th, but what am I doing? Anything to get away from it. We only have a few more classes and then I think I have part of December and most of January before the next class starts. I never, ever, ever want to take another math class again. I am only taking these because I need them to transfer.

Stephen is doing pretty good after his surgery. He will be going back to work on Monday. Now that he is off the drugs for his leg he is making much more sense than he did when he was stoned. But, then again he is not as much fun.

A full weekend coming up. We are going to Zoe's school tomorrow night for some sort of function and then she will be spending the weekend. I also need to study, do some paper work for work, pack the boxes for the reservation's Christmas stuff, and so on and so forth. Hope I live through it.

Take care all. Be nice to each other!

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